Thus the reason for the blog title

11 06 2010

“Bite Me”

That has been my trademark saying for years.  Ask my friends, they’ll tell you.

I even had a custom necklace made by my wonderful friend Stacy, as you can see in the image above.

I had another friend, make me a display saying that says “Bite Me”

So this is who I am.

You don’t like it?

You can BITE ME. (insert a very cheesy ass sarcastic grin)

I’m doing things on my own now.

I have friends.

I’m putting the word out there that if they know of anyone getting rid of this or that, give me a call, I may want it.

You got extra paint?  I need neutral colors.  A friend of mine told me she has 3 gallons of a neutral color I can have.

My neighbor?  We saw him weed whacking the edge of the lawn for me this evening and I didn’t even ask him to do it!  (I’m going to have to leave him some cookies as a thank you)

I have a friend who’s going to have his employees fix my back fence for me all I have to do is pay for the lumber.

OMG, I am SOOOOO friggin grateful to ALL of my friends and family, for just being there for me.  For helping me get through this.  To support me, even just by listening to me vent or give me the encouragement to know that I can do this.

I truly do love you all.

Of course there is one person who is missing in all of this.

My mom.  How I do miss her.

I talked with my sister last night about this and how it’s just not the same anymore.  Yes, we go about our daily lives and all, but when events happen in our lives and she’s not there, we truly miss her.  We miss the love and support she gave us.  Yes, other friends and family can be there for us, but it’s not the same.  It never will be.  And that’s not to say anything bad against our friends and family, it’s just different.  And only my sisters would know what I mean.